Announcing the First-Annual SPARK Exhibition!

2020 SPARK Community Art Exhibition


Spark Invitational and Community Exhibition is an annual exhibition at Public Works Art Center designed to bring the community together through creating and viewing art. Each year, a theme is given to be “the Spark” for great art. Local and Regional artists are challenged to create an original work of art based on the theme to be exhibited at Public Works Art Center in Summerville, SC. This year’s theme is “water,” as a nod to the building’s last use as a water company.

Spark Exhibition is split into two different categories: Spark Invitational and Spark Community Exhibition.

Spark Invitational includes artists selected from across the region, including established mid-career and emerging artists whom the local Summerville Community may not already know. Spark Invitational will expand the audience for regional artists by exhibiting their work to the Summerville Community, and introduce new viewers and audiences to Summerville and Public Works Art Center. Invited artists are asked to create original pieces of art based on the selected theme for the annual show to be exhibited in the West Gallery.

Spark Community Exhibition is open to all community members to create an original work of art based on the theme to be exhibited in the East Gallery. The community exhibition is open to all ages and all abilities. This is a chance for all community members to have the opportunity to exhibit their work at Public Works Art Center.


Exhibition Dates: 10/3 – 11/7

Art Work Due: 9/25

Pick Up Work: 11/7 – 11/9


A submission fee of $20 is required to exhibit work in this show. If this is cost-prohibitive, please contact Jana Riley at; scholarships sponsored by Capital Service Group are available to cover this cost. 

Artwork Specifications:

-Community Exhibition – Artists have the ability to submit any single artwork created based on the theme. Artworks can be 2D or 3D. Space to Exhibit 3D is limited and some 3D artworks may not be able to be exhibited due to size and safety concerns for the artwork and audience. 2D artwork should be ready to hang (wire preferred) and weigh no more than 50lbs. 2D Artworks sized between 24” x 36” to 8” x 10” are preferred. 3D Artworks sized 18”x24”x24” or smaller, weighing no more than 50lbs are preferred.

Release and Liability:

Public Works Art Center has the right to use images of artworks for promotional purposes for Public Works Art Center and Spark Exhibitions. In doing so, full credit will be given to the original creating artist(s).

Public Works Art Center is a community art center and great care will be given to insure the safety and well being of all artworks. Public Works Art Center can not be held liable for any harm or damages to artworks they may incur during any phase of exhibition.

Sales Commission:

A commission percentage is taken from sales to cover the costs to Public Works for costs associated to the Spark Exhibition, including but limited to: promotional materials, reception goods, staff, facility maintenance and upkeep.

Public Works Art Center will handle any sale transaction and will receive a percentage of the sale: Community Exhibition artists receive 70% of sale price and Public Works receives 30%.


We do not want to stifle your creativity or censor any work. However, please keep in mind our audience as you create your work. We want to share your exceptional talent with our community and hopefully produce some fruitful relationships for you to sell your work.

– Public Works Art Center is a family friendly community art center. Artwork that contains explicit imagery or message will not be exhibited.

– Public Works Art Center has generated a lot of excitement and interest in the community, resulting in regular sales of artwork featured in the gallery. In our short history, we notice that artworks priced under $1000 and sized approximately 24 x 36 or smaller seem to sell. 

Please include with your submission the following information and $20 cash or check. You can also opt to submit this information virtually here:


Home Address (if selling work)

Phone number

Email address

Title of Piece 

Age (if under 18)

Cost of piece (or “not for sale”) – please remember PWAC takes a 30% commission



Artist statement (Please, no more than 125 words)